How do you know that a brand has succeeded in becoming a true phenomenon?

That's when your 4 year old, who can't even pronounce the brand name correctly yet, asks for that specific thing to be on her next birthday cake. Couple of years ago I made this angry little birdie cake:

The phenomenon must still be going strong, because the same theme was asked again for last weekend's birthday festivities. This time I changed over to the opposite camp and made a green piggie:

Since many are hoping for the emerging Finnish game industry to do the trick and be our "next Nokia", I think I should just be glad, if still in couple of years from now another mobile game character from Rovio, Supercell or one of the many not-found-our-superhit-yet-enterprises would be asked to be on a cake.

It's good for the Finnish economy. And it tastes good too.

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