Lingonberry, the noted superfood, has always been my least favourite berry. I'll just blame the grown-ups who served me lingonberry juice, lingonberry filled bun or lingonberry pie as a kid, for not putting enough of sugar into them and there by leaving me with no happy lingonberry-related childhood memories. The berry's tangy and bittery taste requires plenty of added sweetness to make a lingonberry pastry work as a dessert.

Being a grown-up now myself, I won't make the same mistake. When serving my kids lingonberries in a dessert, they're surely going to be sweet. Other option is to serve them not sweet at all, i.e. in a bread. They loved it! Happy lingonberry-related childhood memory, check.

3 breads

1. day:
200g water
250g whole-wheat flour
5g yeast (fresh)
  1. Mix all the ingredients, cover with plastic and place in refrigerator over night.
2. day:
the pre-dough from yesterday
500g water
10g yeast (fresh)
450g spelt flour
300g wheat flour
30g olive oil
30g honey
30g sea salt
100g lingonberries (frozen or fresh)
  1. Put the pre-dough together with all other ingredients but salt and berries in a large bowl and knead 10 minutes at low speed (double the time when kneading by hand).
  2. Add salt and knead for further 5 minutes.
  3. Mix in the berries and let the dough rest covered for 30 minutes.
  4. On a floured surface dived the dough and shape into three loaves.
  5. Place the loaves in floured proofing baskets and let rise for 2 hours in room temperature.
  6. Preheat the oven to 250°C.
  7. Place the breads in the oven and lower the heat to 200°C.
  8. Bake for 35 minutes.
- If you don’t have a proofing basket, use a round plastic bowl lined with a floured kitchen towel.
- Preheat the baking tray as well or use a baking stone.
- Instead of rising the loaves for 2 hrs in room temp, you can also put them in refrigerator and let them rise over night. In the morning just take them out, bake and try to have some patience and while waiting for the bread to cool.
- For more crispier crust set another baking tray underneath and pour a cup of water on it. Let the steam out after 15 minutes of baking.

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