Photo: Streat Helsinki / Hanna Tyrväinen

You probably wouldn't name Helsinki as one of world's street food meccas. But in March things are gonna change, big time. Streat Helsinki, taking place 21-22 March, consists of three different events in three different locations:

Streat Helsinki TALKS at Messukeskus (Expo & Convention Centre Helsinki) on Friday 21 March as a part of Gastro 2014 Fair. TALKS is a conference that will bring together street food ambassadors, doers and supporters. Chairman of the conference is the Finnish food journalist and writer Kenneth Nars. During the day we will learn lessons from business incubators, get inspired by street food revolutions around the world, and enjoy success stories from the field. Their stories will be sharing editor-in-chief Chris Ying of the highly acclaimed food journal Lucky Peach, Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg co-founder Eric Demby from New York, Roskilde Festival's food strategist Mikkel Sander, founder of London's first kitchen incubator Kitchenette, Cynthia Shanmugalingam and many, many more.

Streat Helsinki PARTIES at the Abattoir at restaurant Kellohalli on the Fri 21 March. Friday night at Kellohalli is a celebration of local street food complemented by Streat Helsinki's international guests, good music and a drink or two. Heading the culinary revelry are Helsinki-based chefs and food culture promoters Sasu Laukkonen and Richard McCormick.

Streat Helsinki EATS at the Tori Quarters, in the Heart of Helsinki on Sat 22 March. EATS invites everyone to try out pioneering street food at the Tori Quarters, the historical centre of Helsinki where the heart of the old town meets the new buzz of the city. Dozens of Finnish and international vendors gather to set an example of what street food is all about in 2014. A collective meal in fresh air is already an urban adventure in itself.


Streat Helsinki TALKS conference held at the Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre on Friday 21 March at 9AM - 4PM. The pre-registration is now open at www.streathelsinki.com. The conference is free of charge, but there is a limited capacity, so take care of your registration now!

Streat Helsinki PARTIES party takes place on Friday 21 March at 6PM - 2AM in restaurant Kellohalli at Abattoir. Party tickets are on sale at Tiketti (www.tiketti.fi). Ticket price is 38 € (incl. handling fees) and in addition to the night's programme also a street food menu designed by Laukkonen and McCormick is included.

Streat Helsinki EATS festival is held at the Tori Quarters on Sat 22 March at 11AM - 7PM. The festival area is open for all and free of charge. In addition to food, and a festive atmosphere, EATS also features performances and other programming.

FOR WHOM? Quoting Ville Relander, project manager of Helsinki's Food Culture Strategy:
"I recommend Streat Helsinki to food professionals, amateurs and foodies alike, as well as anyone interested in urban development, trends, start ups, and service design. In fact, anyone who enjoys life!"

BY WHOM? The main force behind Streat Helsinki is the City of Helsinki's Food Culture Strategy team, joined by several local and international partners. The event production by the Tori Quarters, the Abattoir and the Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Centre is supported by ministries and small businesses alike. In practice, the events are a collaboration of a big group of communities, food activists, professionals, amateurs, entrepreneurs, and other hungry street foodies.

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