When you go to a restaurant to have a brunch with you family and/or friends, what does it take to have a really good brunch?

Well of course great food. No doubt. I prefer mine rather neatly plated than having to jump up and down for a buffet. While brunching with small kids, I also muchly appreciate if there is something special organised for the under school aged. Good music helps in tuning into that happy-brunchy-vibe too.

If you have all that plus an extra bonus of doing good, wouldn't that nearly sound too good to be true?

Right next to Helsinki’s amusement park Linnanmäki, at the foyér of Alppila church, a brunch is served every Saturday at 11am and 1pm. Behind the idea is the parish’s innovative vicar, Teemu Laajasalo, who wants to open up the churches for visitors in a whole new way, to make them more easily approachable.

The food is prepared by a team of kitchen pros, who normally can be found working in some top Helsinki restaurants. After soup, small green salad and a smoothie you choose your main course. On our first visit we had poached white fish and a super tender braised pork cheek. Last weekend’s chicken drumsticks and stuffed portobello didn’t loose a bit.

And you don't even pay much for it. 15 € per adult for a three course menu and 1 € per year for kids. Imagine that.

Kids were happy with their own main courses served together with adults' starters. And after that even happier in the big playroom.

Oh, I almost forgot: I mentioned the good music. One of my favourite djs playing records next to our table. Dj Bunuel, loved it.

Now the best part. You eat good and you do good too. For every brunch eaten, a donation goes to Africa through Finn Church Aid. Most people working at the brunch are doing it for the charity. Some hardcore restaurant pros, some probably carrying more than two plates at the same time for a very first time. And for some, a great place to practice skills needed in working life.

The only thing missing would be a nice glass of wine.
Damn, I think it's Sunday when they serve wine at church.

Good food, good cause. On Saturdays until May.

Alppila Church Brunch
Kotkankatu 2
Reservations per email: filip.muhonen@evl.fi


  1. Mekin olimme siellä!
    Suosittelen lämpimästi! I warmly recommend!!!
    t. Mää