Helsinki’s oldest market hall, Wanha Kauppahalli, has been a massive worksite for over a year now. The renovation should be done by the end of the spring, so that for the summer the bright and shiny new market hall would be ready to embrace all locals getting their fresh of the freshest groceries done and welcome the hundreds of thousands of tourists who buzz around the Market Square throughout the year.

For the past years the heart of the hall, the main café, I’ve found a bit… how should I put it... well, dull. The same assortment of the same doughnuts and buns like everywhere else. Nothing special at one of city's flagship locations for a café.

Next June however, things are gonna be different, I'm sure. The achievements of the four new restaurateurs of the hall’s biggest café/restaurant, include for example city’s best sushi, wine importing, fine pâtisserie and - a Michelin star.

In dark blue, Anders Westerholm & Matti Sarkkinen (Sushibar + Wine, Vin-Vin and Viinitie). Teemu Aura (Demo, Grotesk) and Markus Hurskainen (Patisserie Teemu & Markus) wearing the lighter shades.


  1. Not sure if expensive "haute cuisine" is the right choice for the Market Hall.
    Normally the Market Halls around the world are the places where you can find down to Earth, traditional and simple food. And cheap.
    That's what tourists are expecting.

    There are more appropriate locations for fancy restaurants in the center...

    1. You have a good point there. How I wish Finnish marketplace and market hall culture would someday be something like in many other places around Europe, or world.
      However, words cheap and Finland don't go well together. Unfortunately nothing is cheap here. Not the carrots or the fish sold in the market halls, not the rents the vendors pay, let alone the staff costs.

      Hope it's not gonna be too posh. But I'm sure we can count on quality hand made products.