Outrageously high fever for a week, a nasty sinusitis for a couple more. Then the constant on & off sore throat, headache, dry cough and sniffles. I don’t know what I’ve been doing wrong, but for the most part of the first quarter this year I’ve had the flu.

My husband blames me for not taking a daily schnapps of the sea-buckthorn juice, like he does. He claims this ultimate vitamin C drink is the reason he has been able to fight back all of those kindergarten bugs kids are sharing at home.

Anyhow, flu on again.

Today I started with my daily dose of the superfood berry.

(for 3-4)

3 dl double cream
50g sugar
0,5 dl sea-buckthorn juice (unsugared, cold-pressed)
  1. Place the double cream and sugar into a saucepan and bring to the boil. Boil for three minutes. 
  2. Remove from the heat and add the sea-buckthorn juice. Stir a bit.
  3. Pour directly into 3-4 small dishes and refrigerate for at least couple of hours.
  4. (I had a tangerine and some almond biscuits at hand, so I diced and crumbled some on top. Garnish with what ever you feel like.) 

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