Three years ago I read about this weird-sounding little concept of Restaurant Day and instantly knew I wanted to take part in it: opening up a restaurant for one day. What, with whom and where still needed some answering though.

Ex-boyfriend from waaay back answered the with whom part. The where was at his & his fiancée's apartment in Helsinki. And what did we do at our home bistro? We served a six-course dinner for 18 people, whom, for the most parts, we'd never met before.

Back in 2011, on that very first Restaurant Day, it was our little restaurant Vanha Suola plus 44 other pop-ups around Finland. The most attendees to date was on Restaurant Day #9, a year ago, when 1701 restaurants in more than 200 cities worldwide opened for a day.

Oh, and the name of our restaurant, Vanha suola (Old salt) refers to a Finnish saying that translates word for word "Old salt makes you thirsty". No pun intended.

In three weeks it's time for our comeback, with nearly the same set up: beautiful Kruununhaka apartment (different than last time), one very large table (larger than last time) & new acquaintances (hopefully as cool as last time). But this year, there's Freddie Mercury. The menu is inspired by the places where the Queen lead once lived. Such as Zanzibar, India, London, Munich and Montreux.

Something else is new this year too: our team has grown with yet another ex. An ex-guest from Vanha Suola's debut.

Those two exes are also the ones who brought Freddie Mercury along.

And no, I really have no clue how they came up with the whole idea. Probably they don't know that either. I just know that the brainstorming happened when they attended the same wedding party. Probably pretty late in the evening. Probably a bit pienissä häissä, as we say here. No pun intended whatsoever.

If you're interested in filling some of the 24 seats we have available, email us by 9th May (ravintola.vanhasuola@gmail.com). And go join our event on Facebook for more info.

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