My favourite kind of cooking is the weekend kind. Having a glass of wine and either enjoying some good music and my own company or having some great company to do the cooking with (plus the wine glass of course). Last Thursday I must have had a pre-weekend, since I spent the evening in kitchen, with great company and as great wines.

I was invited to Restaurant Nokka, or to be more precise, to their Kitchen Kokka. We got to taste their brand new Nokka Goes Wild menu, but before that we got to prepare part of it with a little help from Nokka's chef Ari Ruoho.

One guest peeled white asparagus, the other chopped colorful vegetables. And third (that would be me!) standed on the way and took pictures. My dear colleague from work worked her magic with filleting a pike-perch, the Visual Recipes author/photographer Marina chopped the smoked vendace almost like a pro, Koemaistaja food blogger Anna nailed the egg boiling and Herr Niki Moser of the Austrian winery Sepp Moser, got to pull peas of their pods while presenting his Grüner Veltliner and Riesling.

The menu itself follows of course Nokka's philosophy of the use of high quality ingredients from small farms and local suppliers. And damn, the food was really good. Not to mention the four biodynamic viticultured Sepp Moser wines paired with the dishes.

Great Austrian whites I've had some before and maybe that's why I was most impressed with the red one, Zweigelt Hedwighof. (Also available in Alko's sale-to-order selection, unfortunately from my not-for-every-weekend price category...) It might also have something to do with the superb dish it was served with: Air dried eastern finncattle, Syrjähyppy goat cheese and deep-fried lichen. H-e-a-v-e-n.

The other, rather surprising part of the menu was birch granite. The summery smell of the birch whisk used in sauna transformed into a freezing cold granite. Apparently that is possible too.

Kanavaranta 7 F
Nokka Goes Wild menu available until 19.6. Menu 74 € + wines 59 €
Asparagus with organic egg and smoked vendace from Saimaa
Air dried eastern Finncattle with deep-fried lichen
Pan fried wild fish, with vegetables, nettle puré, and smoked perch roe
Birch granite
Parsnip cake with strawberry and rhubarb sorbet

The private kitchen is suitable for 8-12 persons.


  1. I love how you describe everything so detailed and the food photos look so delicious. Just wish to have enough budget for visiting it some day :)

    1. Thanks Anh! I know, the prices are rather high end. But they're having a nice terrace for the summer now, maybe go out for a smaller bite instead of a full menu!