Organising a dinner party is my kinda party. All the planning ahead and shopping tours and preparations in the kitchen lead the way to the D-day's H-hour.

Organising a dinner party for 24 guests in a location where you have two wine glasses in the brand new kitchen cupboards, and one cooking pot, which doesn't quite match with the induction stove though, is also my kinda party, but a mad amount of work too.

Starting from where to get all the dishes needed for five courses for the 24 guests, double cutlery meaning 48 knives and forks, glasses for wine, and damn, for water too, food itself and drinks of course. Flowers, candles and table cloths, let alone all the tables and chairs.

With good connections and friendly stuff-loaning-people all can go smoothly. But then you still need to drive around the city and pack the car and then unpack it again. And I'm not talking about a fully equipped catering van, but about a 7-seater family car where you first have to take all the child seats out before starting to pack the 24 chairs or the 8 handy Ikea bags full of stuff you need for the cooking. Also you need to carry everything to the 4th floor, and then whole thing reversed few days after.

While making the preparations, you might even here the infamous four-letter word (five in Finnish actually) every now and then, or see people swearing that it will be the last time to do something like this.

But here we go now, more than a week since the last Restaurant Day and our Restaurant Vanha Suola evening. Memories grow sweeter with time. I'm lovin' it.

24 people, some couples, some not. But still people, who for the most parts hadn't ever even met before. It's just amazing how cool it is to see people bonding over food and wine.

We served 5 courses and live music. Both, the song choises of our amazing host & even more amazing singer/guest and the courses, followed the life of Freddie Mercury. Starting with a soup from Stone Town in Zanzibar where he was born and ending with the oh so goosebumpy version of the These Are the Days of Our Lives song. 

Plus some Rick Astley encore. (Maybe we'll do a Rick Astley themed evening next time. Or wait, does he sing anything else than the "never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down, never gonna run around and desert you..."? Though it sounded pretty good with the 27 voice choir.)

Next time we do it, I'll make sure we've got someone there, who's getting his dinner free for taking some photos. We have no pictures of the food. Simply because we had no time to take any.

Oh stop, I'm lying: After all the dishes were back in kitchen and the kitchen cleaned so far so good, I had a moment to snap a shot of my dessert table:

I'm so gonna do it again. Hopefully my partners in crime feel the same way too. Carrying the tables and chairs all by myself wouldn't be that much fun.

Once again, thanks all you dear guests, thanks Juho & Mårten. Had a blast.


  1. Ihanan näköiset jälkkärit:)

  2. I did not know a single person when I came and with the great food, interesting people and fantastic music shows I can say that evening was magical. I had a smile on my face long time afterwards.
    So happy you did it. Thank you!

    1. All the thanks go to you Lotta, you're the true brave one. So glad to hear you enjoyed the evening too!