Dinner under the Helsinki Sky unfortunately became a victim of the horrible weather on last Thursday's Helsinki Day. We weren't the only ones who gave up and didn't show up on the reserved seats around the long table along Esplanadi.

We're made of sugar I guess. Or then we just don't have the right kind of large and steady golf umbrellas or canopy tents in handy carry bags. But I'm so glad some people do. Approximately one third of the thousand seats were said to have been covered.

But we're not total losers! After having had some great indoor pizza pique-nique at Putte's, we decided to defy the rain and took the dogs and kids, a bottle of rosé and our desserts outdoors.

Desserts under the drizzly, grey Helsinki sky.

Two days after I tried to persuade my kids of another happening we could go to with the whole family. They asked me what the event was. I told them it's called Taste of Helsinki and that it's a really nice food event.
"Nooo! No food events!" they screamed.

Have to hope for a better weather, before trying to convince them of a next food event I suppose.


  1. Voihan harmi,idea on tosi kiva, Ihanat kuvat:)

    1. Kiitos Jael. Viime vuonna oli sateista myös, toivottavasti kolmas kerta toden sanoo!