There are restaurants in Helsinki that serve much more finer dining with pedantically plated dishes and refined service, in a lot more polished milieu at a more central location. But there’s only one Kuurna. The place I'd name as my answer if asked for a favourite restaurant in the city. The place I start to miss if there’s been too long since the last visit.

Modern Finnish food made of season’s best offerings is simple, yet so well prepared. Since the beginning of Kuurna in 2005 the menu concept has been the same: Three starters, three mains and three desserts. Fixed price for two or three courses plus specials on the chalkboard.

And classics, like their steak tartar and the pepper steak you can’t go wrong with. Why change when not broken.

It’s only human to have bad hair days, but me, Kuurna has never let down. I wish we have many more happy years together to come.

Meritullinkatu 6

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