I've never been much of a festival person. I do not sleep in tents, I need a proper morning shower before starting a day and I want real food.

That's why the only yearly festival I go to is Flow Festival where no one sleeps in tents, the location is close enough to enjoy the morning shower at home and the food is real.

Suvilahti power plant area offers magnificent surroundings for a cosy but cool festival. The artists represent indie, soul, hiphop, jazz and club music, both local and international. Beside the music there's also arts, design, movies and discussions going on through out the weekend. And food.

Since the very beginning of the festival's 10-year history, the nutritional aspect has been as carefully planned as the musical and cultural one.

The lineup includes not only hot newcomers (Jungle) but also old school legends (Outkast). Same thing with the food: OGs of the local restaurant scene include vendors like ToriYsi and Kabuki. Or you can get your din din from this year's hit places like Tres BonesSandro or Kaartin Hodari & Hummeri.

This year the food theme is vegetarian. With the 3-day festival pass I'll be wearing from Fri afternoon until the first hours of the following Monday, I'm sure I'll get to taste quite many of the dishes.

Pictures 1 & 6 Flow Festival / Samuli Pentti, picture 4 Flow Festival / Helen Korpak, other pictures Flow Festival / Jussi Hellsten

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