A lunch in Rulla makes me feel like I’m truly healthy living (and clever and young and smart and just a really good person). I start making promises to myself, that include things like more sport and earlier bedtimes and more water drinking. Quoting the recent Flow Festival visitor, Outkast, they are just so fresh and so clean.

Rice paper roll filled with crispy green mixture of salads, sprouts and herbs, rice vermicelli and salmon, fennel and pomegranate. Or apple and duck. Or eggplant, chanterelles and nuts. Or one of the many other combinations they come up with. Dipped into one of the two flavourful sauces.

The simplest lunch for less then 10 € consists of three rolls of your choice and either a soup or a salad. And if you feel like it, just upgrade the portion by adding as many extra rolls you like to it.

Of course lunch ain’t the only option. I’m sure that a shopping tour for a new pair of jeans is a whole lot of easier, if after trying the first ten pairs you just take a small break with a fresh roll or two and a glass of nice riesling. Or maybe a take away in a park? Or perhaps a rolled up dinner?

Rulla is found as a shop in shop, or as a restaurant in shop, in Nudge, a city centre located lifestyle shop selling ecological and ethical clothing, cosmetics and home deco pieces.

Perhaps you could even take care of the jeans shopping during the lunch break?

Yrjönkatu 30


  1. If that is the way it makes you feel, I finally need to give it a try. They surely are reasonably priced based on the price tags in your pics. I did not expect them to be extremely expensive either, but taking into account that you need to hand roll each and every roll I am positively surprised at the price level.

    1. And most of all I find the lunch deal really nice. Let me know then if it had the same impact on you ;)

    2. It really is. I try to stop by on weekend. Can't think it having any other impact on me than the one it has on you :-) Clever, young and good person, looking forward to that...