In a few weeks this little blog is one year old. My personal blogging career is much longer though. Before this one, I wrote a baking blog in Finnish for five years. One called Jauhot suussa. A clever name by my clever little sis. (Which loses it's double meaning if translated, so I'm not even gonna try.)

It all started because I wanted to make a marzipan covered cake for my marzipan-digging dad on a father’s day. Although I had done my cooking and baking since I was a kid, layer cakes were never my interest and I hadn't made one before.

While looking for tips and how-tos, I got lost in the weird world of cake blogs with all those fondant covered must-be-overly-sweet creations. And baked one, and another, and another. And started to think I probably should write down my recipes. And maybe take a photo too.

And there it was, a blog. Awful cakes, horrendous photos, dull texts.

But it evolved and I personally started to like my own blog. Worked my way from cakes and other sweet stuff to bread, and learned the sourdough way of doing it.

After blogging mainly about baking for several years I got bored. Didn’t want to bake no more. Or at least didn't want to blog about only that no more. So I put an end to it and started this one.

Summa summarum, I’ve baked quite many cakes during the past years. But it ain't over until it's over.
My hands, if you please, on the music video of At The Hollow's first single from their debut album:

Record release gig at Tavastia on Fri 13.2. Get your ticket from Tiketti!


  1. Hieno video:) Ja leivontablogisi oli/on myös hieno,toivottavasti palailet sinne joskus....

    1. Eikö olekin! Ja kiitos, ehkä Jauhot suussa tekee vielä joku kaunis päivä comebackin :)