Us Finns eat out a lot. And in this case I really do mean out, as in outside.

We surely do those summery picnics in parks and even the street food trend has finally reached our latitude, but I don’t mean just those. What I’m talking about, is a packed lunch or snack in form of a greaseproof paper wrapped slice of bread with a piece of cheese or some cold cuts on top.

And damn how good the piece of rye bread and some hot drink in a thermos taste in -15°C!

Only a couple of kilometers from the Market Square, you find a perfect spot to open the thermos. (N.B. The couple km for those who can fly, others need to take a bit longer route.)

Kruunuvuori is an abandoned ghost town with collapsed and dilapidated villas and destroyed remains of what once were beautiful summer residencies.

The oldest buildings date back to the end of 19th century, but the area was blooming 1920-1960. Sadly after that all went downhill. The new owner wanted to rebuild Kruunuvuori into an urban apartment house area, but decade after decade his plans were shot down by denying requests for zoning changes and building permits. Unfortunately at the same time he had no interest in maintenance of the area and so, slowly but surely, during the past years the houses were left without tenants and without care.

Although the area has become forested and the villas are in truly rough condition, even tiny bit creepy I’d say (or maybe more than tiny bit if going there after dark, alone), there’s still some of the past day glory vibe in the air.

But be quick to visit, since they’ll probably be teared down soon. A new residential area with over 11000 inhabitants is rising just around the corner during the following years.

Accidentally you won’t end up there. The area is located in eastern Helsinki, next to Laajasalo. Bus no 88 takes you from Herttoniemi metro to Kaitalahti and from the final stop you just walk to the end of Päätie, then head to the woods.

And make sure not to forget the snack break.

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