I walked to the bar with a good friend of mine, both giggling. "Te-hee, we don't like beer, te-hee. We came for a wine, te-hee, or for a beer that doesn't taste like beer. Te-he-he-hee..."

The almost non-beer like lambic, the pro behind the bar offered us to taste, tasted still tiny bit too beerly for us, so we were advised to find the wines on page six or seven on the drink menu. Finally on page eight or nine we found the whites, reds and sparklings.

Bier-bier beer bar was opened just two weeks ago. And without visiting practically any of the other beer bars in Helsinki, I can assure you it is the most beautiful one.

Many parts of the old building and the three rooms are protected by the National Board of Antiquities, but with the rest, Joanna Laajisto has done a marvellous job. The dark, perfectly matched colors of the walls, brown leather sofas, brass table tops together with the high ceilings, dark wood and amazing old tile stoves.

Every now and then my husband tries to force me to take a zip of his "really nice" pale ale and wishes he could somehow make me like beer. But I ain't gonna. I hate beer. I just hate it.

But apparently there are quite many who like it. Though the Finns still drink quite a lot of bulky lagers, the microbrewery-artisan-craft-beer-trend has reached our little country and now it's all over. Small brewing companies seem to pop up everywhere, "normal" restaurants and bars are proudly offering a selection of imported and domestic products and trendy, purely in beer specialized bars are born. Like Bier-Bier, or the also recently opened Brewdog. Or the soon to be opened American Craft Beer Bar.

Bier-bier's beer selection is massive. I mean something like over 100 different beers massive. And also the page eight or nine wine list looks fine. Somewhere I read that from the next door restaurant, Grotesk, you can also get something small to eat. Next time I'll find out about that.

And I'm sure the next time will be soon. I think I might have a new favourite bar in town.

Erottajankatu 13

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