The Spis crew obviously liked the other photographer more

On my to-go-to list there are several restaurants that always return to the list, although I've visited them multiple times already. Then there are restaurants, that just stick to the list, but which I never seem to actually reach.

Spis is one from the second group. Since three years it’s been serving Nordic, mainly around vegetables based menus and I’ve heard many wows from people who have visited the tiny restaurant on Kasarmikatu.

Today they’ve been nominated as the Restaurant of the Year 2015 by The Finnish Gastronomic Society. A nomination which tends to fill the reservation books for months. And with Spis’ 18 seats I’m sure they’ll have a busy year ahead.

Sommelier & Chef of Chef & Sommelier

Johan Borgar, the sommelier of the 2013 Restaurant of the Year, Michelin awarded Chef & Sommelier, complimented the Gastronomic Society on their excellent choice and named Spis as one of his true favourites in the city. Just like Chef & Sommelier, Spis is managed and hosted by its owners. And to me that’s something that definitely adds to the feeling. The kind of homey and welcoming feeling, which can only do good for a restaurant.

I hope Spis can be striked off my to-go-to list soon. Or to be more precise, let’s hope Spis will soon move to the group mentioned first: Always reappearing on the list.

Kasarmikatu 26

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