Some might call me a bit biased when it comes to saying something about The Cock, since I’ve had my teeny tiny part in the project. But can’t help it. I just love The Cock.

I love the from early morning 'til late evening opening hours. I love the big selection of very moderately priced wines. I love granola, croque monsieurs, whole rotisserie chickens, pasta vongole and dessert tables. I love that you can go there alone, twosome, with kids or with a big party party.

The only thing I find terribly wrong, is that I don't live in the neighbourhood anymore. Actually I haven't done that in 10 years, but now it bugs me. All good with the life in the bedroom suburb, but still dreaming of starting the morning with early breakfast at the corner eatery, or ending up the day with a late evening snack there. Just like in the big world, you know.

Ville Relander (previous food strategist for the city of Helsinki) & Richard McCormick (the mastermind behind i.a. the two Sandros), have done a great job. They've had a shared vision of a restaurant they'd like to open up one day and now they've carried it out.

Neighbourhood eatery and bar. That's the short definition for The Cock. Really laid-back and relaxed, with super high quality easygoing food and a truly merited team leading the kitchen.

In the bright and lively upstairs (ground floor that is) they have breakfast & lunch served, bar open all day, food until 23.30 daily. As for downstairs, vibe changes when you go down the spiral stairs, but not loosing a bit of the easiness. In the basement it gets darker and makes a perfect surrounding for dining or having a glass of wine from the organic wine bar opening towards the end of the week.

What comes to food, when not eating alone, I strongly suggest to share. Just to get to taste more than few things from the menu.

And do go with the kids too. On the first visit my daughter wrote on the Barbapapa coloring picture "Best Cock!" since she had just learned it in her English club.

I mean not the cock word but the best.

Fabianinkatu 17



Last year, on March 23rd, Helsinki went mad about street food. The sky was cloudless, people dusted off their shades after the dark winter and 20000 of us went out to the street to eat. That was the day of Streat Helsinki EATS. 

The first Streat Helsinki was a true pioneer and lead the way for the trendy street food to finally hit Finland, big time. Before that, there probably wasn't even a Finnish word for a food truck.

Next week it'll happen again.

Photos: Andrew Taylor / Streat Helsinki

Photo: Maija Astikainen / Streat Helsinki

Photo: Maarit Kytöharju / Streat Helsinki

EATS 21.-22.3.
This year's main event, again, will be EATS around Tori Quarters area. But this time there'll be more space, longer opening hours and even wider range of dishes from various food entrepreneurs.
(Among many others, I'll surely check the menus from Berlin's two food trucks and last year's conference speaker Pernilla Elmqvist's Nordic Street Food from Malmö. And of course from many of those local ones, like Hoshito & Skibibi Bros.)

WORKSHOPS 16.-20.3.
During the whole week various workshops take place in Teurastamo. All workshops are free of charge, but you still need to sign up for them. Check out the topics here and enroll, if you haven't done that yet.
(I'm gonna be listening to Markthalle Neun's Street Food Thursday organizer Kavita Meelu about Berlin street food scene, last year's conference speaker Geetika Agrawal's talk about the future of street food from the San Francisco point of view and also the Madventure man Riku Rantala's thoughts on the future protein in our street food, bugs.)

A small Streat Helsinki kick off tour has taken few food trucks to faraway places. To the suburbs. Kontula, Malmi & Vuosaari they've already done. Tomorrow, Sat 14.3. you might still catch them in Lauttasaari.

Photos: Eetu Ahanen / Streat Helsinki

If someone claims, there has never been street food in Helsinki before Streat Helsinki, they're terribly wrong. "Snägäri" is the place to be 4am, hungry, right after crossing the fine line of being just tipsy. And getting something greasy and salty to make it to the next morning.
Streat Helsinki pimped five of these old school grill kiosks together with three mentor chefs, to work together on how maybe to renew the most traditional form of Helsinki street food. The end results can be tasted on 19.3.

Soon tba.

Photos: Andrew Taylor / Streat Helsinki

Photo: Eetu Ahanen / Streat Helsinki

Start dieting. Soon you'll eat well. For more info go to streathelsinki.com.