I’m the kind of a person who successfully kills every green thing in the house. Once I bought some really nice succulent plants, because someone suggested that those are unbeatable when it comes to forgetting to water them. After some months they were dead.

And as I just wrote about the rhubarbs, it's my husband taking care of my herbs and vegetables out there, in the tiny garden of ours.

Now, however, I’ve become a farmer. Again I’m not the one anyone trusts to give responsibility of a living plant, but I’m kind of an estate owner. I was offered to become a member of Herttoniemi Food Co-operative, that runs an Urban Co-operative Farm. The idea is that participants each get an area of a farm, the size of a normal allotment, but with a professional grower looking after it.

Each member (household) pays an annual fee (this year 450€) plus a joining fee, and the harvest from the field will be distributed weekly amongst members, throughout the harvest season. Vegetables are transported into the city, where members can pick up their shares from one of the four different distribution locations.

This year the co-op is taking new members for 2015 season. The first harvest is just around the corner, so be quick to check the registration form here

The biodynamic field is situated in Korso, about 30 km outside Helsinki. On ca. 3 hectares there are 40 different vegetables and herbs growing. Corn, fava bean, kale, potato, spinach, mangold, leek, broccoli, turnip, swede, parsnip, fennel, dill. Just to name a few.

All co-op members are of course more than welcome to volunteer to work in the field, anytime they wish. 10 hours of work per membership is required. However, you can also buy yourself out.

Thank god, otherwise there might be many dead carrots after my shift.

Read more (in Finnish) about Herttoniemi Food Co-op here.

In co-operation with Herttoniemi Food Co-operative

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