Jonna here hello, a friend of food from Helsinki.
Actually I don’t live in Helsinki. I live in this weird suburb right next to it, Espoo. But I work in Helsinki. I go out in Helsinki. I shop in Helsinki. So let's just pretend I'm from Helsinki. Sounds better.

In the kitchen I love trying out new things, but I do like to stick to the classics too. Vegetables I adore, but fish and meat just as much. I find my peace in baking sourdough bread from scratch, but when in hurry, I don't mind throwing in some yeast. If possible, I'd have all things organic and fresh, but still, I'd keep playing around with cake fondants to grant my kids' birthday cake wishes.

And what I love even more, is eating out in good company. But as a mother of three little ones, I’m just dreaming of the days when I’m free again to eat out spontaneously. Meanwhile, I’ll share my favourite spots in the city right here.


Please, feel free to contact me at foodfromhel@gmail.com
And please, do not feel free to use any of my photos without my permission.